• BE Micro

    BE Micro is the smallest solution for EEG Monitoring in the market.

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BE Micro

BE Micro is the smallest solution for EEG Monitoring in the market.

The recording device is reliable, compact, light weight, durable and most importantly comfortable for the patient. BE Micro is fully capable of performing high quality conventional EEG and ambulatory EEG monitoring.

The extremely reduced dimensions, together with the EB Neuro high signal standard, make the Be Micro the polyfunctional system, not only for ambulatory/holter solution but also for EEG recordings in particular environments, such as ICU and Neonatology.

Main characteristics

  • Full 10-20 system
  • Programmable storage frequency channel and multi-frequency
  • High signal quality (low noise, high sensitivity for a large dynamic, high CMRR)
  • USB connection to the acquisition PC
  • Integrated memory for holter recordings up to 72 hous
  • LCD Display for a complete interactivity of the main acquisition functions: battery life, impedance and EEG traces check
  • Built-in event patient button
  • USB Flash for stationary EEG/VEEG use


Available software packages of Galileo Suite

  • EEG


Clinical Applications available on Galileo Suite

  • Clinical EEG/Video EEG
  • Cerebral Death Assessment and EEG in ICU
  • aEEG/CFM
  • Sleep Studies
  • Holter EEG/PSG
  • Ambulatory EEG


BE Micro has the following dedicated accessories for the maximum patient comfort

  • Wearable puch
  • Oxymeter
  • Be Micro patient cable (10-20 standard)
  • Plug-in Headbox Module

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